5 Alternatives to Forgiveness – Radical Healing

If you're struggling to forgive, I found other options. Here's my story.


Before and After Dream Care

Before You Go To Sleep Enhance Your Psychic Ability with Clearing and Grounding Techniques To enhance psychic ability before going to sleep, I think it is important to do what I call “clearing out the conscious”. I know this sounds contradictory, but in my experience, I only receive clear and strong messages when my mind … Continue reading Before and After Dream Care

Astral Dreams: Understanding and Interpreting Them

Description and Experience An astral dream involves your spirit moving through time and space. You are not just seeing like you would in a spiritual dream, or hearing like you would with a telepathic dream. You are witnessing and experiencing. Astral dreams are intense because your soul is in another location while you are sleeping. … Continue reading Astral Dreams: Understanding and Interpreting Them

Telepathic Dreams: Understanding and Interpeting Them

Telepathic Dreams Description and Experience Telepathic Dreams are the direct communication from someone else’s spirit to yours. You’ll know you’re experiencing a telepathic dream when someone you know is talking directly to you in the dream and you can hear their voice. I always wake up feeling shaken with my heart pounding after a telepathic … Continue reading Telepathic Dreams: Understanding and Interpeting Them

Precognitive Dreams : Interpreting and Understanding

Precognitive dreams foretell future events. When you’re witnessing a prophecy in your dream, it feels like you’re watching a scene on a television show because it’s happening in front of you. You feel disconnected from it in a sense. For example, often times in a prophetic dream, I’m in my body (in the dream), but … Continue reading Precognitive Dreams : Interpreting and Understanding