How to Use Spirituality to Overcome Constant Failure

Spiritual Transformation + Faith + Timing = Change

There is no physical manifestation without spiritual transformation. This means that you can have all of the new year’s resolutions and intentions in the world. Unfortunately, you won’t see any sustained change until you transform spiritually. What does this mean?

Have you ever known right from wrong, what you ought to do, or how things ought to be, but couldn’t seem to break a pattern or get to the next step?

This is called a spiritual block. You can tell yourself you’re going to lose weight every year, but until you truly get tired of the lifestyle that you’re living (emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually), you will end up back at square one.

Take me for example, a naturally frivolous spender who, like many Americans, struggle to maintain credit card debt below ⅓ of my limit. I know I ought to budget, save, and spend more wisely, but at my core, I’m not frugal and changing this takes time. Or what about that dude that you constantly find yourself blocking and unblocking his number just to find yourself back in his bed? It’s because your spirit has not evolved from whatever attracted him into your life in the first place. Once your spirit transforms and evolves, that is when the change actually takes place, not when you consciously try to convince yourself that you will change.


Spiritual transformation happens through awareness. Awareness doesn’t happen at the conscious level. Make no mistake, having a spiritual blockage is not the new excuse for complacency. Don’t say “I’m spiritually blocked, I can’t do this right now”. Awareness is gained through repeated trial, error, and most importantly, reflection. The reflection and meditative aspect of life is where you find re-awakening and realization. It’s where molds are broken and new ones are recreated. Reflection allows you to process and see your truth, whereas meditation allows you visualize what you want and what truly feeds your spirit. You can do this on your own with no tools or guidance-It takes time, analysis, and a separation from your ego. Once you’ve realized your truth, you can now make a sacrifice  within your life to begin to change.


Another reason why your new year’s resolutions are failing are because the universe/god’s timing doesn’t align with holidays, silly. I always joke with my best friend, Michael, that I have multiple new years because there are always new turning points and lessons learned in my life, not just on January 1st. Change happens when spiritual transformation matches god/the universe’s timing. You may be spiritually ready to switch careers, start dating again, apply to graduate school, or make other life renovations and have even taken the steps or began the process. You’re doing the hard work and doing the right things, but nothing is happening. First, make sure you start small with any new endeavor. But also realize that just because you feel ready for a new opportunity doesn’t mean that opportunity is ready for you. The solution to this is commitment and faith.


Faith is the bridge that will carry you through to open doors. What does faith look like? Faith is having patience and grace in the process. Most importantly, faith is not giving the devil (bad energy) glory when times are hard. Or in other words, not feeding and amplifying the negative aspects, but rather staying focused on the positive aspects of life. Instead of thinking of roadblocks and stagnation, think of how you are not the same because you have decided to move forward and have already taken first steps. If you turn away from faith, you’ll revert back into the comfort of your dysfunctional ways, retreat into fear, or act out of haste, you will throw yourself off track.

Faith is key to actualizing the hard work that you put into reaching your goals.


The goal is to reach a spiritual and temporal equilibrium: When spiritual transformation meets opportunity. When the timing is right, doors will swing wide open and results will start to pour in ways that you visualized for yourself or even better! There will be no conflicts or struggle. When these doors open, you will be prepared. Around this time, things might seem too good to be true and you will start to witness synchronicity (other aspects falling into place). A resume that you submitted to your dream company a while back might surprise you with a lucrative job opportunity. Or, you might finally find that something that “does the trick” and turn things around. Faith in your higher self and faith in the universe/God will carry you into new possibilities.


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