Speaking Your Truth – Why It’s OK to Burn Bridges That lead to Nowhere

Her: “What if I fall?”

Me: “You’ll land in a better spot than where you are now”

I had enough off my passive-aggressive and micromanaging coworker. They (singular/gender neutral) did everything in their power to undermine my skills, belittle me, and have power over me. They were my “superior” and abused their power.  When I complained in a private conversation with my boss, their seniority was valued over my valid and documented complaints. One day, I had enough of the bullying and in mid-conversation, I stood up and said “You know what? I don’t have time for this” and walked out. I never looked back.

My family members told me I “have to learn how to play the game”. They told me that I was going to need that paycheck. Maybe I’m a little too arrogant or optimistic, but I put my faith in God not people. My happiness meant more than a paycheck and I knew I was going to be alright.

The motivating question that I asked myself and I want to ask you is:

“Why be unhappy when you can be happy?”

If you’re stuck, your response to this question would probably be based in fear.

“I can’t leave because…[fear]”

“I can’t leave my job because…[fear]”

“I can’t tell my friend the truth because…[fear]”

“I can’t stop because…[fear]”

You have made the mistake of thinking your fears are greater and more valid than your potential.

Potential > Fear

When you speak your truth, bridges that lead to nowhere will fall down. This means that when you speak your truth, relationships, jobs, and situations that aren’t meant for you will slowly begin to crumble.

  • Watch your dead-end relationship either fall apart or reach new heights when you say how you feel.
  • Watch your friends disappear or show more devotion when you let them know what’s on your mind.
  • Watch how easily you walk away from your job when your boss proves they don’t respect you. (A good manager addresses concerns, not disregard them)
  • Watch how your life changes when you admit that you’re no longer satisfied with it.
  • Watch how you begin to feel relieved and set free.

When you speak your truth, you can only go UP, not stay stuck!

Stop knowing why you’re unhappy, then doing nothing about it. You know exactly what is bothering you or making you miserable but your fear is hindering you from your possibilities. You say things like:

“What if I fall? What if I lose him? What if I lose my job? But this. But that. This is okay for now.”

My response is that whatever is meant for your life will align with your truth. If stating your truth destroys something, it wasn’t meant for your life. If stating your truth begins to re-build something in your life, it is meant to stay.

I dare you to start being honest with yourself.
Don’t waste another day being unhappy.


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