Waking Up – Now What?

Don’t act, Just wait Unless you are experienced in dream interpretation, I would advise you not to act in haste when it comes to dreams. Dreams are still too fuzzy to make critical life decisions by. Even experienced psychics remind their clients that they could be wrong. The best thing to do when you feel [...]


Before and After Dream Care

Before You Go To Sleep Enhance Your Psychic Ability with Clearing and Grounding Techniques To enhance psychic ability before going to sleep, I think it is important to do what I call “clearing out the conscious”. I know this sounds contradictory, but in my experience, I only receive clear and strong messages when my mind [...]

Interpreting Spiritual Dreams

Description and Experience Description: Almost everyone has them. Spiritual dreams deal with the person’s energy and subconsciousness. Spiritual dreams can be a reading on your energy or someone else’s without necessarily being telepathic, which is the direct involuntary communication from one spirit to another. A dream that read someone else’s energy allows you to see [...]